Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week of December 5-9!


Day 1 –
·         Pretest on states
·         Correct/Make key
·         Notes North American Land Bridge
·         Discuss “How do we know anything about these early peoples since we have no journals?”
·         If time, notes on Native American Writing
·         Write story of a time when something was stolen from you
·         Make a pictograph of your story.
Day 2
·         Retrieve COW
·         Do Native American Tribes worksheet
·         Review states online

Day 3  - (Short Day)
·         Timings on state maps. 
·         Christopher Columbus video

Day 4 - Library
·         Timings on state maps
·         Finish Christopher Columbus video
·         Work on ABC books

Day 5 - Library
·         Quiz on states
·         Correct (if time)
·         Remind them about their ABC books – due next Friday
·         Work on ABC books


Day 1 – (Computer Lab) Assign Groups
·         Prepare Informational Posters – Students will divide into small groups. They will be given an assigned topic.  Then, they will need to design an informational poster to teach the topic to the class. 
Day 2 – (Classroom)
·         Share posters, take notes

Day 3 – (Late Start)
·         Review for test
·         Take Test
·         Correct (if time)

Day 4 – Library
·         Correct (if necessary)
·         Western Expansion Partners
·         Prepare Presentations

Day 5 - Library
·         Finish preparing presentations.
·         Give presentations
Take notes

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week of Nov. 27-Dec. 2

History A
Day 1
·         Call Roll/Seating Chart
·         Go over subjects to be covered
·         Hand out disclosure and review contents
·         Go over items they will need in class
·         Getting to Know You Activity
·         Pretest (If time)
Day 2
·         Handout and/or Correct Pretest
·         Put students into groups.
·         Give each group an “archeological find”.  On a poster, they have to draw a sketch to scale, catalog it, and then fill in the info sheet for the item.
·         Give time to complete the activity.
·         If time, present groups
Day 3- Short Hour/Late Start/Home Room
·         Have each group present their archeological find to the class.
·         Give the “correct” answers to the class. 
·         Discuss how History isn’t about memorizing dates.  It’s about making a connection with people—and sometimes interpreting things as best as you can.
·         If time permits, give students “Introduction to Your Textbook.”
Day 4
·         Give students handout “Introduction to Your Textbook.”
·         Allow time to finish.
·         If time permits, correct and hand in.
·         Arrange for a COW
Day 5
·         Retrieve COW (if necessary)
·         Allow time to finish “Introduction to Your Textbook.”
·         Correct/Hand in
·         Have students fill in state names on blank map when finished with worksheet.

·         Assign American ABC books – assemble books

History B
Day 1 – George Washington/Adams/Jefferson/Monroe
·         Assign pretest/Correct
·         Assign packet with questions. 

Day 2 – Lewis and Clark
·         Finish Founding Fathers
·         Go through handout
Day 3  - (Short Day)
·         Finish going through handout
·         Show Lewis and Clark (National Geographic)
·         Assign questions
·         Correct and discuss as the film progresses

Day 4 – Computer Lab
·         Discuss Lewis and Clark Questions answered
·         Finish Lewis and Clark
·         Go through final questions
·         Assign Treasure Hunt on other Western Explorers

Day 5
·         Finish Treasure Hunt on other Western Explorers

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 12 - November 14-18!

Day 1
Go over Constitution packet
Finish questions for civics test

Day 2
Review for Constitution test
Constitution test

Day 3
Review for Civics Test

Day 4
Take Civics Test

Day 5
Re-take Civics Test (if needed)

Week 11 - November 7-11 - Election Day!

Day 1  
Constitution Packet and Civics Test Questions
Day 2
Constitution Packet and Civics Test Questions
Day 3
Electoral College Map
Day 4
Constitution Packet and Civics Test Questions
Day 5

Constitution Packet and Civics Test Questions Due

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 10

Monday and Tuesday

Revolutionary War Papers - Last Chance to edit and print

Make sure your papers are ready to hand in. We will be doing a group peer review, which is worth 100 Pts. If you don't have a printed paper to read, there is no way to recreate the activity and you will receive a "0".

Thursday and Friday
View A More Perfect Union which dramatizes the making and ratifying of the Constitution.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Revolutionary War Newspapers - Partner Assessment

Revolutionary War Newspaper

One of the most important tools used by the Continental Forces was the printed word.  Leaders such as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Payne relied on the use of pamphlets and newspapers to spread their ideas.

In our next unit, you will divide into pairs and design a newspaper in which you explain and report on important events that occurred during the Revolutionary War.  All newspapers will be due at the end of class Monday, October 31.  You may use your textbook or the computer and Internet on library days.  You may print the newspaper by hand or type it on the computer and transfer it to your newspaper. We will be in the library October 27th and 28th.   

v  Each article must have a minimum of 100 words.  (Advertisements, obituaries and maps do not have a minimum word count.) They must be written in your own words.  NO CUTTING AND PASTING!
v  You will be graded on neatness, clarity, and depth of information.
v  Each article/entry must be labeled by the person who created it in order to receive credit for that item.
v  The attached rubric will be used to score the assignment.
v  You will also be graded on daily “checks with your editor” (Mrs. Rampton) when you will share what you are working on, what you’ve learned, and what you have already accomplished.

You must include articles and illustrations on 10 of the following (100 word minimum):
ð        Stamp Acts/Taxation
ð        Sons of Liberty
ð        Boston Tea Party
ð        The Continental Congress
ð        Common Sense
ð        The Declaration of Independence
ð        New York Falls to the British
ð        Benedict Arnold
ð        Crucial Battle of Saratoga
ð        Valley Forge
ð        Challenges at Sea
ð        Yorktown
ð        2 articles with illustrations on notable figures of the time.
ð        3 other contributions to the Revolution (inventions, famous events, famous people, famous speeches)
ð        Treaty of Paris  

You must also include these items (no minimum word count as long as you convey your ideas):
ð        Map worksheet done as outlined (get form from Mrs. R.)
ð        5 advertisements that would be appropriate for the time period.
ð        3 obituaries.
Classroom activity worksheets

Week 9 - October 24-28 - Red Ribbon Week!

Day 1
Make Campaign Posters for school-wide Mock Election
Revolutionary War Newspapers

Day 2
Revolutionary War Newspapers

Day 3 –
Revolutionary War Newspapers

Day 4
Revolutionary War Newspapers

Day 5
Revolutionary War Newspapers